Stallholder Guidelines and Rules

  1. Stallholders must maintain their stalls in a clean and tidy manner and must take away all unsold items, boxes, paper, wrappings, etc.
  2. The stall space is defined by Market Manager. Booking of space and positioning of stallholders is the responsibility of the Market Manager
  3. Car movement within the market must be done with care and consideration of the public. The driver shall be totally and legally responsible for the parking and movement of the vehicle.
  4. For reasons of safety, vehicles may not move within the market area 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after the advertised trading times, unless the Market Manager closes the market arlier for any reason.
  5. Stallholders are responsible for complying with all laws, rules and regulations relating to the goods offered for sale.
  6. Stallholders are only to provide items that are listed on their application form, unless authorised in writing by the Market Manager prior to a Market to extend their range.
  7. Each Stallholder will be provided with an area as allocated per their booking. Not all stalls permit cars. Only a limited number of stalls have access to power.
  8. Stalls cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person, nor can they be shared without written approval.
  9. All stallholders must provide their required equipment including marquees with weights, tables and food coverings to meet health regulations.
  10. Rubbish: The market operates on a bring in take-out policy in relation to all rubbish, packaging and recyclable materials. Waste bins will be provided for customer use only.
  11. Power: 15 and 10amp outlets are available for a limited number of sites. Stallholders are responsible for supplying their own complying electrical extension lead. Individual stallholders may be allowed to use their own generator if it is silent, but details must be in their application.
  12. Fees: Site fees vary depending on size, location and access to power. Site payment is required in advance.
  13. Cancellation / Non-attendance: To ensure customer expectations are met, Stallholders are required to provide at least one week’s notice if unable to attend a market in order to allow time for management to find a suitable replacement vendor. If a stallholder gives management more than 48 hours of an inability to attend, the fee paid will be credited toward a later market.
    If notice is not provided within 48 hours of the commencement of the market, fees may be forfeited.
  14. Insurance: All stallholders are required to hold a current Product and Public Liability Insurance Policy. A certificate of currency must be included with their application and provided upon request as required.
  15. Receipt of applications: Applications must be submitted along with stall fees, a copy of Product and Public Liability Insurance currency certificate and evidence of temporary food premises registration before they can be considered. All applications must be received at least 14 days prior to a market, with approval and registration issued to Stallholder before market attendance.
  16. All prepared or value added food must be prepared in a registered kitchen and operated in accordance with the requirements of the local Health Act. This includes labelling in accordance with Australian Food Standards. Registration details must be provided with the application.
  17. Application for registration of a Statement of Trade application (now Streatrader) is essential for food and beverage handling stalls and must be made separately to the appropriate Council.
  18. The Market Manager reserves the right to refuse admission to the Market to any person and to eject or cause to be ejected any person and or his/her goods and chattels without giving any reason. This decision is final and binding.
  19. The Market Manager shall not be liable to any person using these premises for any personal injury or loss or damage howsoever arising whether by negligence or otherwise of the Market Manager or its servants, or incurred or suffered by that person.
  20. In the event that weather or other circumstances prevent the Market Manager from staging a market, the Market Manager will endeavour to advise Stallholders as early as possible. In such circumstances, the Market will not be responsible for any loss incurred by Stallholders and stallholder fees will be credited to the next market.
  21. In the event of a day of Total Fire Ban being declared for the central district, the Park Orchards market will not operate.
  22. Heat Policy: Market will close one hour early if management deems the outside temperature reaches 35c.
  23. Permanent stallholders lose their permanent status if they cancel attendance at more than two markets in a season.
  24. Smoking is prohibited on the market site.
  25. Stallholders must ensure that all gas appliances are approved and in date.
  26. Stallholders using gas appliances must complete the ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) self checklist prior to trading at each market and present it if inspected by a representative from ESV